Consider these facts about website design
A high-quality design actually increases perception of credibility and probability of converting visitors into sales.
46% of web sales are lost because the website does not build value and credibility.
The #1 reason people abandon a website? Lack of a professional look and feel.

Our Charleston web design and development services stem from our near 7-year history of leadership and experience in web design, programming, and marketing. We have seen the benefits of quality web design and development played out in the hundreds of brands we’ve helped.

How can your custom web site design build credibility and drive sales?

Great design is a process, not an artistic endeavor. The components that deliver exceptional websites and tangible results include
A comprehensive web marketing plan (Branding Blueprint)
Original ideas, themes and messaging that will separate your site from the clutter that exists online.
A “rock star” design team that can align visual appeal with tangible conversion goals.
SEO-minded design that will enable customers to find your website online.
Design that considers and flows with integration into our proprietary analytics and marketing suite.
Effective ongoing marketing strategies, infused into your design, to promote your services and attract prospects.

Web design is a component of our online branding services. It can be ordered a la carte and programmed by your internal team or it can be coupled with our proprietary applicationsĀ for a turnkey, feature-rich, and self-manageable website.

What do you get?

Think New Creative’s 10 years of design and marketing experience.
This is not a pre-built online template or a novice design shop with subpar talent; this is a best-in-class design process, performed by award-winning creative talent.
Intelligent and interactive home page design
We design your home page with several “zones” for navigation, branding, primary messaging, calls to action, forms, social areas, secondary calls to action and info, SEO, and literally scores of graphic layers to make your site truly unique and impressive.
Lead Generating Sub-page Design
Your Sub-pages/Landing Pages in most cases are your conversion pages. Customers are directed to them with a focused interest. This is where they need to be intrigued and informed. We will design a fluid and interactive layout for these sub-pages so the prospect can convert once they have been adequately impressed.
Custom Menu/Nav Design
Our menus are designed to be user-centric and flow with a sales conversion process. Not your typical plug-and-play so frequently used. Your site’s navigation is critical to the overall effectiveness of your site.
CSS and Style Design for Entire Site
We design using clarity, “pop” and flow. Your style sheets will be designed to be scanned, as most visitors scan, they don’t read. Font design, multiple header formats, secondary messaging, quotes, bullets, numbers, etc., are all designed into a style sheet to represent your brand uniquely and powerfully.