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Think New has been on the cutting edge since Flash was cool.

Our History

Over the last 5 years our company has been constantly growing

Think New, Inc. is full-service internet marketing company located in Charleston, SC. We were founded in 2003, as a website design and development firm, dedicated to furthering the presence of local businesses online. In our 9-year existence, we have grown our clientele from local to global, with a particular focus on lead-based analytics and results-driven marketing campaigns.

Our Expansion

We have partner ecosystem built to deliver superior business value

Our capabilities in-house have expanded over the years to focus more on driving leads to our clients, rather than traditional brand marketing. Through the use of email marketing, e-commerce, print advertising, social media, and other inbound marketing, we aim to increase business for each of our clients, thus producing the crucial return on investment that we feel is unmatched.

What's it like to work with Us?

Our culture is created by all of the self-motivated, committed professionals.

Whether it be a simple site launch, or custom mobile application development, our experienced team is capable of delivering very unique projects that are tailored to our clients’ very specific goals. We encourage you to view our work, ask us questions, or just come drop by our offices for a consultation. Internet marketing can be an overwhelming endeavor to many businesses, and it is one that we have spent nearly a decade simplifying.

A true partner ecosystem

We have partner ecosystem built to deliver superior business value

We are not just a ‘one off’ shop.  We exists to create relationships and long term partnerships to ensure our clients’ success.  Your success is our success!

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About the Founder

Adam began programming as a teenager in the early 90’s starting with simple games made in BASIC. It was a hobby that started his infatuation with the creative productivity of computers. Not long after that, he was introduced to Macromedia Flash 3 and immediately saw it as a way to bring his animation dreams to life.

With the introduction of Actionscript on Flash 4 and 5, a whole new opportunity presented itself to make games that could be played in any web browser. This was just the beginning in the oncoming internet revolution.

Immediately, Adam recognized the need for businesses to build an internet presence and with Flash becoming a dominating force, he was able to use his skills to consult web businesses and help them to develop their interactive offerings for several years before finally launching his own web development firm, Think New Creative Solutions in 2002.

In 2008 He built and launched RhinoSEO.com, a web based marketing platform. It has been the catalyst for growth, helping to bring Think New to where it is today.  In 2012 he sold that software to Xtari Business Solutions to focus on mobile projects.

Today Adam oversees product development, R&D, and has spearheaded the company’s expansion into mobile development.


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